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Together, we really can make a difference

Welcome to the East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited (EANCF Ltd) Website. Our Website contains a review of our recent activities which now that we are both a Limited Company and a Registered Charity are expected to increase in both quantity and scope. We welcome the participation of all Community based organisations within the North of East Ayrshire in our activities, and can also offer assistance and advice to Community Groups who prefer to remain independent.

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Every day, throughout East Ayrshire, selfless individuals and community and voluntary groups are quietly working to better the lives of all who live here.

In recognition of the remarkable work carried out locally, the Community Planning Partnership Awards 2015 will applaud the hard work and dedication of our local heroes.

We need your help to identify the groups and individuals, who are making a real difference to the lives of others.

The winners of each of the five categories will be honoured at a Ceremony in April 2015.

The five categories are as follows :-

Economy & Skills Award

Community Safety  Award

Wellbeing Award

Community Champion Award

Community Planning Partnership Award

The nomination form can be completed online at :-  or, you can contact the Policy, Planning and Performance Division on 01563 576075 to request a hard copy of the Nomination Form.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 28 November 2014


Longpark Garden


Over the past 6 weeks the Longpark Gardening Group have been working with Action For Children to develop and build a small community garden in Graithnock Drive, Longpark.  The work is nearing completion and the young people who have helped build the planters, etc. will receive their certificates of achievement at a small ceremony in the North West Area Centre on 16th May 2014.

Work on planting and developing the garden will then begin in earnest for the Longpark Group which is quite small at the moment.  The group hope to attract new members and volunteers through some active recruitment and engagement during May and are developing an 'adopt a planter' scheme which local people and organisations can take up.

The new garden offers huge potential as a resource for education and community engagement and the group are keen to make the most of it.  They have visited community gardens in Onthank, Galston, Auchinleck and Catrine to look at the models used by other communities in the area and are hopeful they will have similar success.

For more information contact Neill Patton at or on 01563 572712.



Hate Crime in Scotland is defined as:

"Crimes motivated by malice or ill-will based on a victim's actual or presumed membership of a social group".

EANCF is a registered Third Party Reporting Centre and you can report a hate crime at our office at 15 Wellington Street, Kilmarnock, KA3 1DW.  Please click below to find out more:-

PS Hate Crime  Third Party Reporting



Talking Point


Onthank Tenants and Residents Association Towards the end of 2011 a small fund came to my attention for the purpose of improving suburban green spaces. I notified several groups of this fund and the Onthank TaRA took it up with gusto. Together we drafted an application and sent it in. The group called the project ‘Talking Point’ as the plan was to convert a blank green canvas into a place where residents could meet and chat, by adding a seating area, planters, bulbs and trees. The chosen area was the green space opposite the bus terminus at Amlaird Road in Onthank, next to the shops and opposite Onthank Primary School. The funding was successfully awarded and help was provided by the council apprentices to build and install 4 large wooden planters. Before and after pictures show what a difference this planting has made and as the trees mature it will be even better. Plans to install seating were not approved at this stage but following the very positive response of residents to the changes it is hoped to add benches this year. The project has improved the look of the area, brought people together to do the planting and carry out maintenance and watering and it has also inspired other groups to undertake this kind of project in other areas.  



When the Ardbeg Community Centre was demolished by the Council last November, the Knockinlaw Community Association hatched a new plan for a Community Garden including a new Centre. The Federation sent an application to the BBC’s Beechgrove Garden for their support and this was successful, so Beechgrove are now helping with the design and supply of materials and will be filming on the site in August. The Central Garden will feature in the Beechgrove’s Community Garden series in September 2012. Plans for The Central Garden include a play and learn area for children, a quiet seating area with flower beds, vegetable plots, a sensory garden, espalier fruit trees and a wild flower garden. A BBQ area is planned to extend the use of the building out into the garden area. It is hoped to maintain the garden using organic methods and with eco-friendly elements such as a wormery and plastic bottle greenhouse. This project will provide a place which is run by the community and for everyone in the community in the north-west area of Kilmarnock. It will be a place where young and old can work together and where the unemployed can gain skills and experience. Schools and youth groups will be able to visit the garden and learn about growing things, disabled groups will benefit from the sensory garden and older residents will have somewhere to meet for a chat. Home-grown fruit and vegetables will be used to prepare healthy meals for the various events and vegetables will also be supplied to other groups such as the local youth project which already has a healthy eating programme up and running. It is also planned to create an area for young people to use, rather than trying to keep them out or move them on as happens so often nowadays. It is hoped that by including them and involving them in the building and maintenance of the garden that they will feel it is a place which belongs to them and that they will value and look after. Several other groups have already agreed to help including the Onthank Tenants & Residents Association, the North West Youth Project and local primary schools. Kilmarnock College is interested in bringing students for work experience and Action for Children and Barnardos are also keen to get involved. It is planned to set up a working group to look after the garden’s future. They will ensure that sufficient funds are raised, volunteers are recruited, that the garden is made available for a variety of users and that it utilised as fully as possible.   It is hoped to make The Central Garden self-sustaining by various means including lettings on the hall, selling produce and by keeping costs low by installing solar panels. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the office on 01563 572712 for more information.  



The new North West Area Community Board will be located in the foyer of Tesco's Western Road store in Kilmarnock. The five association's responsible for the board are as follows: Southcraig and Dean Community Council Onthank and Knockinlaw Tenants and  Residents Association Altonhill and Longpark Tenants and Residents Associations The board size is 1370mm x 1010mm x 60mm and will be split into 3 single bay options which will hold 6 x A4 space, each with their own magnetised holder. The cost of the board is to be funded by Inspiring Scotland and EANCF.  The cost of fitting the board will be met by Southcraig and Dean Community Council who have also funded the board's Public Liability Cover, Libel and Slander Cover and Contents Cover in case of damage to the board.  (Renewed on an annual basis). There is a 2 year guarantee with the board.  There will be 2 keys per organisation and Tesco will be given a master key if desired.  The material within the board will be updated regularly by each organisation and will be self-managed by the team below. List of key holders and contacts:

Longpark          Ann & Dave Neilson-07599 366980       

Onthank           Betty Cassidy-536213/Sam Craig-528054                            

Altonhill            Margaret Clark-523438/Margaret Millar-07858 525383

Knockinlaw      Janet Cree-07874167101/Marion Cree-07735 982763

Southcraig       Julie Keen-0844 740 1926

Dean                 Andy Keen-0844 740 1926                           



Community Friends is a befriending service for people at risk of becoming homeless, or who have been homeless and are trying to rebuild their lives. East Ayrshire Churches Homelessness Action and East Ayrshire North Communities Federation are partners in the service which receives funding from East Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire and Arran Community Health Partnership, the Church of Scotland Parish Development Fund and local churches of different denominations throughout East Ayrshire. The service aims to match people with a volunteer befriender who can become an ear when they need to let off steam, be someone who will encourage them to become part of their community by going out and taking part in new activities and help to build positive relationships where there may have been few or none. Often people have lots of interaction with paid professionals, e.g. Local Authority, Health and Social Work staff, but nobody who will listen to them just because they want to. A befriender will be that person, without judging or criticising. They don’t have to have all the answers, just be there when they are needed.    If you think you might be interested in becoming a befriender, get in touch with Janice Grant at



What’s good about NW Kilmarnock? That’s the starting point for a programme to facilitate community activities which East Ayrshire North Communities Federation and Inspiring Scotland are working on.  Called ‘Link Up’ the programme wants to help people to get to know others in the NW Kilmarnock community and in so doing build new and deeper social connections across the area.  Here’s how it works: By speaking to residents we identify what’s good about NW Kilmarnock, what people can do,  like doing or have an interest in doing. With resident involvement we use this information to facilitate projects that bring people together  either around a specific activity, or to help each other out, or simply to socialise and have fun (actually, we want to facilitate five projects in NW Kilmarnock and yes, there is a small amount of money available to get started). By participating, contributing and having fun, we hope that people get to know more people. When people get to know and trust each other, new relationships and stronger community bonds are made. Simple isn’t it? Well yes, but to help things along we need local residents and community organisations to tell us what’s good about NW Kilmarnock, what they would like to do, and to get involved in setting-up and supporting the five projects. Examples of the types of projects that could be formed include cookery groups, creative arts-based activities, environmental projects, outdoor play, sports activities, a film group, a music group, a choir, a dance group, a social history project – the list is endless.  The Link Up programme is hosted East Ayrshire North Communities Federation with the support of Inspiring Scotland and other local organisations.  Neill Patton is facilitating the programme and is currently meeting local groups and residents to hear their views and see the work which is happening now. There are some good ideas for projects already, but we need to hear more from local people to develop the activities that will make NW Kilmarnock a stronger and better connected community. If you would like to know more contact Neill for further information. Email: Neill Patton - Tel:  01563 572712 



Open Day 2011


Our annual Open Day was held on Tuesday 15th November and was well attended by our partners, members and local community organisations and charities.  It was an excellent networking opportunity and a chance for groups to publicise their activities.  The day was made complete by a short speech from Provost Stephanie Young, whose support is very much appreciated.     



The Federation recently moved to new premises at No 15 Wellington Street, Kilmarnock KA3 1DW next to the Gallery. Our telephone number will remain the same - 01563 572712, although we now have multiple lines so it should be easier to get in touch. The hours of business are as follows : Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 17.00, Friday 10.00 - 16.00. You can find our new office by driving through the viaduct towards Dean Street and the Glasgow Road.  Wellington Street runs from the viaduct up to the traffic lights at Black's Bar and the Gallery is on the right hand side just after the car park.